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Eastwood Cottage

Our landscaping skills were put to the test once again at Eastwood Cottage, where we were asked to renovate the garden around the site to give it a brighter, more welcoming appearance.

We love domestic projects as this gives us the opportunity to create something really unique for the people that live there. With Eastwood Cottage we quickly realised that the site had a lot of potential for improvement, as long as we retained the original essence and character of the property.

The first job we identified was to remove the crab apple tree that was putting the property in shade. Our team was able to safely remove the tree and landscape the surrounding area to leave a clear space to be used by the residents as a front lawn. By removing the tree we were able to allow more light into the property, which really transformed the feel and ambience of the cottage, both inside and out.

After this we removed the existing fence, which was looking old and dated, and replaced it with a new picket fence in the classic style. Again, this had the effect of giving the property a fresh, open and elegant look, just what the property needed.

Gates Project

Gates Project

Manufactured and Fitted by FH Landscaping


Mya’s Bench

As seen here, Mya’s bench is the centre piece in part of Mya’s Garden at George Dent Nursery School. The school was struck by tragedy when Mya, only 3 years old and a beautiful little girl, had a tragic accident whilst on holiday. This bench is a memorial to Mya and all the things that she loved most, carved from a large solid piece of cedar wood.

We wanted to create a memorial that would reflect the very essence of Mya, especially her love of butterflies, rainbows and fairies.

Mya is sadly missed but her memory will last for a very long time.



Subsea Innovation Ltd is an engineering company specialising in creating launch and recovery systems that deploy remotely operated vehicles for underwater applications in locations and projects worldwide. Many of their state of the art products are used regularly in the Oil and Gas industry and also in related Energy industries, and are designed and manufactured at their 40’000 ft² headquarters based on the outskirts of Darlington.

For us at FH Landscaping, the challenge of maintaining the grounds surrounding the Subsea Innovation Ltd site was a considerable one, but one that we were happy to rise to, and we continue to provide day to day ground maintenance to ensure that the site looks the part and reflects the Subsea company ethos of innovation and excellence.

Our grounds maintenance staff continue to visit the site regularly, keeping the grounds looking fresh, smart and tidy with each visit. Regular tasks include:

  • Grass Cutting
  • Litter Picking
  • Weeding
  • Kerb Maintenance

FH Landscaping look forward to continuing to maintaining the grounds and external areas of Subsea Innovation Ltd’s main site, and stepping up to the challenge of giving Subsea the high standard of grounds maintenance that they deserve and that, ultimately, reflects their professionalism.

Rise Carr

Rise Carr College

When Rise Carr College required a fun, practical outdoor space use, teach and learn in, FH Landscaping was quick to present some creative, out of the box thinking that was fit for both children and adults alike to enjoy. Key in the design brief was that their new outdoor space be practical and useful for the College to enjoy in the long term, as well as being safe, open and colourful for the children.

As part of the project we discussed with the staff at the College a range of various plants and shrubs that we felt would be appropriate to maintain at the grounds throughout the year, taking into account the demands of each plant as the seasons unfolded. Finally, we were able to agree on a mix of plants and shrubs that seemed to fit the space and blend in with each other.

Ultimately, we were able to transform what was an empty, derelict and unused space adjacent to Rise Carr College into a friendly and practical area that was perfect for children and staff. Some of the changes we made include:

  • Decking to provide a safe, open area for outdoor lessons
  • Pergola added
  • Sleepers were used to made beds
  • Turf used to give the area a smart, clean appearance
  • Trees added

The team at FH Landscaping thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff and children at Rise Carr College for the duration of this project. At the end, we were happy to look back and reflect upon an open, practical space that will hopefully be used and enjoyed for years to come.

Cleatlam House

Cleatlam House

A stunning property surrounded by both forest lands and open fields, Cleatlam House nevertheless required a complete transformation and overhaul of its landscape if it really was going to fulfil its potential. Instead of something ornate and lavish – which was provided by the house itself – the design that we chose to implement featured a simple, organic and manageable look that would bring out the best from the location and that was sustainable moving forwards.

We started by removing brash, trees and bushes, and replaced these with a completely new yew hedge. To this we planted box cones to the front side of the house. The gravel around the house was first levelled and then replaced, giving it a smooth, uniform finish, and the grass area was extended with fresh turf, to which we added a timber edge. We also rebuilt the stone wall to the side of the property, giving it structural integrity and cohesion and improving its appearance immeasurably.

One of the key design briefs was to remove an unsightly bog to the rear of the property and replace it with feature that could be used for outdoor gatherings. As one of our final tasks, we were able to add a 40m² patio area at this location, extending the house outwards and providing an outdoor area for people to congregate around and enjoy.

  • Cleatlam House Close Up
  • Cleatham House Gravel Driveway
  • Gravel
  • Cleatlam House Van