A stunning property surrounded by both forest lands and open fields, Cleatlam House nevertheless required a complete transformation and overhaul of its landscape if it really was going to fulfil its potential. Instead of something ornate and lavish – which was provided by the house itself – the design that we chose to implement featured a simple, organic and manageable look that would bring out the best from the location and that was sustainable moving forwards.

We started by removing brash, trees and bushes, and replaced these with a completely new yew hedge. To this we planted box cones to the front side of the house. The gravel around the house was first levelled and then replaced, giving it a smooth, uniform finish, and the grass area was extended with fresh turf, to which we added a timber edge. We also rebuilt the stone wall to the side of the property, giving it structural integrity and cohesion and improving its appearance immeasurably.

One of the key design briefs was to remove an unsightly bog to the rear of the property and replace it with feature that could be used for outdoor gatherings. As one of our final tasks, we were able to add a 40m² patio area at this location, extending the house outwards and providing an outdoor area for people to congregate around and enjoy.

  • Cleatlam House Close Up
  • Cleatham House Gravel Driveway
  • Gravel
  • Cleatlam House Van