Our landscaping skills were put to the test once again at Eastwood Cottage, where we were asked to renovate the garden around the site to give it a brighter, more welcoming appearance.

We love domestic projects as this gives us the opportunity to create something really unique for the people that live there. With Eastwood Cottage we quickly realised that the site had a lot of potential for improvement, as long as we retained the original essence and character of the property.

The first job we identified was to remove the crab apple tree that was putting the property in shade. Our team was able to safely remove the tree and landscape the surrounding area to leave a clear space to be used by the residents as a front lawn. By removing the tree we were able to allow more light into the property, which really transformed the feel and ambience of the cottage, both inside and out.

After this we removed the existing fence, which was looking old and dated, and replaced it with a new picket fence in the classic style. Again, this had the effect of giving the property a fresh, open and elegant look, just what the property needed.