When Rise Carr College required a fun, practical outdoor space use, teach and learn in, FH Landscaping was quick to present some creative, out of the box thinking that was fit for both children and adults alike to enjoy. Key in the design brief was that their new outdoor space be practical and useful for the College to enjoy in the long term, as well as being safe, open and colourful for the children.

As part of the project we discussed with the staff at the College a range of various plants and shrubs that we felt would be appropriate to maintain at the grounds throughout the year, taking into account the demands of each plant as the seasons unfolded. Finally, we were able to agree on a mix of plants and shrubs that seemed to fit the space and blend in with each other.

Ultimately, we were able to transform what was an empty, derelict and unused space adjacent to Rise Carr College into a friendly and practical area that was perfect for children and staff. Some of the changes we made include:

  • Decking to provide a safe, open area for outdoor lessons
  • Pergola added
  • Sleepers were used to made beds
  • Turf used to give the area a smart, clean appearance
  • Trees added

The team at FH Landscaping thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff and children at Rise Carr College for the duration of this project. At the end, we were happy to look back and reflect upon an open, practical space that will hopefully be used and enjoyed for years to come.