Grid Panels are an ideal solution for parking areas, access roads, driveways and pedestrian walkways; our grid panels are a non-slip interlocking paving solution that reinforces the ground that they are installed on. After the grid panels have been installed they can be filled with soil, gravel loose materials or sand to give a practical or decorative finish.

The structure of the panels prevents movement of any fill materials which are used within the grid panels whilst allowing expansion and contraction of the ground due to different temperatures throughout the year. The panels also allow free drainage which helps to reduce the risk of flooding in vulnerable areas.

Each panel is made in the UK from 100% Recycled polyethylene and can take the weight of a 44 tonne vehicle.

Grid Panel
Grid Panel
Grid Panel
Grid Panel

Typical Uses

  • Pedestrian Access
  • Reinforcement System for Airstrips
  • Helicopter Landing Pad
  • Utility Access
  • Golf Buggy Paths
  • Protection of the ground from erosion
  • Reinforcement and to secure embankments
  • Driveways
  • Off-Street Parking
  • Landscaping
  • Shed / Greenhouse Bases
  • Parking on grass / fields
  • Access Roads
  • Emergency Access Routes


  • Grid Size – 500mm x 500mm
  • Wall Thickness – 4mm
  • Weight per Panel – 2kg
  • Weight per m2 (4 Panels) – 8kg