This is the season to begin next years plans and preparations. Autumn brings a whole new pallet of hues, shorter and darker days but crisp fresh sunshine that is unbeatable!

To make the most of your outdoor area and to maintain its appearance it is important to keep up the work throughout the year. We have put together a few tips we would suggest to help keep on top of it throughout the winter months – you will thank us come Spring!

General Tips –
1. Net ponds to stop leaves falling in.
2. Give evergreen hedges a trim for the winter.
3. Take advantage of any dry days to paint fences, sheds etc with a preservative.
4. Clean patios and paths now to stop them becoming slippery in the Winter
5. Check sheds and log stores for leaky roofs and fix them before the rainy season gets started – no one wants wet tools and especially firewood!

Top Tips for the Lawn –

– You might want to raise the cutting height. This will help stop your lawn getting muddy when the wet weather arrives.
– A little work now will help your lawn survive the winter and improve its condition for next year:
1. Scarify your lawn – this means raking up dead grass (or thatch) that builds up in your lawn to make space for new growth.
2. Aerate your lawn – this involves making lots of small holes. Light and air get into the holes encouraging the grass to grow and thicken up.
3. Harden up your lawn with a lawn feed high in potassium as this builds healthy roots.
– This month is your last chance to use a lawn weed killer. Many weed killers contain a hormone that stops the weed feeding – thus starving it. For this to be effective the weeds need to be in active growth.

At FHLandscaping we can assist with all of these jobs, whether they be part of a large industrial/residential area or school grounds. There isn’t a job too small or large that we cant help to tackle.

If you are only beginning your journey and are unsure on where to begin our team can organise extensive garden design, knowledge and expertise to take your outdoor space to the next level.

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