Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance for Schools

As a professional team we understand the importance of superior maintenance of school grounds. Our landscaping and maintenance services are structured to ensure school exteriors are kept in the best possible condition as well as look fantastic and offer a safe and appealing area for students and staff. We provide a vast selection of services including:

  • Fencing
  • Decking
  • Gravel & Bark Mulch Installation
  • Turfing
  • Grass Cutting
  • Mini Beast Hotels

Safe and Secure School Grounds

Safety is of course, the highest priority in all schools and our professional services and installation work will ensure your external areas are kept secure. We work with the highest rated commercial fencing company in the region and the combination of product quality, skilled workmanship and vast experience ensures optimal fencing solutions.

Students need to be able to enjoy their recreational time in safety and comfort. Gravel & Bark Mulch is ideal for the ground areas underneath climbing apparatuses as it provides a soft landing for trips and tumbles. We can also assess all existing lawns for any issues such as possible reseeding needs and provide the best possible advice and recommendations along with regular grass cutting to ensure your lawn areas and fields remain in tip top condition.

Attract Wildlife to Schools

School gardening has evolved in recent years to involve kids in many exciting projects. Mini beast hotels offer fabulous sensory play and teach young children about the importance and benefits of caring for wildlife and the environment. We can provide high quality bug hotels that will invite all kinds of wonderful insects to your school grounds.

Whatever your needs are we can deliver the finest landscaping and grounds maintenance services to schools across the North East. We can offer you a comprehensive package to suit your specific requirements and you can depend on a friendly, reliable and affordable service.